World’s 110 Most Valuable Players; 5 Reds, Firmino €85.1m @ no.20 top

A report today by CIES Football Observatory has announced the 110 most highly valued players in the world!

(Why they didn’t stop at 100, we’re not sure!)

It’s based on, they say: the thorough analysis of almost 2,000 paying fee transfers. The variables through which transfer values are modelled notably include the performance of both players and employer clubs, international status, contract, age and position. 

Five Reds make the list, interestingly, with Roberto Firmino labelled the 20th most valuable player in the world! Why he’s ahead of Coutinho, who’s younger, starts for Brazil and scored more goals last season, we can’t yet work out…

20- Roberto Firmino €85.1m

38- Coutinho – €70.8m

47- Sadio Mane – €64.5m

57- Gini Wijnaldum – €59.9m

102- Nathaniel Clyne – €42.2m

Neymar tops the list, valued at a cool €210m, with Spurs ace Dele Alli in 2nd at €155m… Missing out on the Englishman as a teenager is something Liverpool will regret until the end of time, it seems.

Harry Kane is 3rd with Lionel Messi 4th; the Argentine only below the Tottenham duo because he’s now in his thirties.

What does this list really mean? Very little – but for some reason reading transfer values is pretty interesting. In truth, we’d probably accept €85m for Firmino, but would turn down the named prices for Coutinho and Mane, while accepting the Wijnaldum and Clyne predictions.