Why Liverpool fans are worried about Firmino after his Facebook message to Coutinho

Liverpool fans and players alike are still trying to get over the departure of Philippe Coutinho.

The Brazilian has joined Barcelona in a £142 million move midway through the season, leaving Liverpool with a dilemma on their hands.

Do they attempt to replace Coutinho in January as they look to achieve a top-four finish in the league and go far in the Champions League and FA Cup?

Or do they try and get by without replacing their star man and spend the money in January?

Whatever they do, though, it’s going to be nigh on impossible to get a replacement that had the same effect on this Liverpool’s team as Coutinho.

The midfielder had scored 12 goals in 20 appearances for Liverpool this season and had produced some incredible performances.

Not only will he be missed on the pitch, but it seems he will be missed off of it as well.

All of his teammates, past and present, have paid tribute to the Brazilian since his departure on various social media platforms.

And the latest to write a message to him is compatriot Roberto Firmino.

Firmino, Coutinho as well as Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane formed what everyone liked the call the ‘Fab Four.’

Now they’ve been broken up, how will they cope?

Well, if Firmino’s Facebook post is anything to go by, not very well.

He took to Facebook to pay tribute to Coutinho and suggests “Liverpool isn’t the same” without him.

He wrote a message that translates to: “Liverpool is already not the same without you my partner Coutinho. I wish you infinite success and hope you realize all your dreams. It was an honor to play with a magician like you.”

It was a lovely message but one that started getting Liverpool fans a bit worried.

In the space of six months, Firmino has lost both Lucas Leiva and Coutinho meaning he’s the only Brazilian left at the club.

And fans are fearing that Firmino could soon follow in their footsteps by leaving the club. Check out the reaction:

Given Firmino’s form this season, you can’t really blame Kopites for being a bit worried. He’s scored 16 goals in all competitions and has led the line brilliantly for Klopp’s side.

With Coutinho joining the likes of Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonso, Luis Suarez and Raheem Sterling in the list of players that have left Liverpool to further their careers, will Firmino be the latest?