What Sergio Ramos’s family have been forced to do because of some Mo Salah fans [Cope]

New footage emerged earlier this week which suggested we may had all been a little harsh on Sergio Ramos, who was blasted for his role in the injury Mohamed Salah suffered during the Champions League final last weekend.

Salah sustained a dislocated shoulder following a tangle with the Real Madrid captain, who has more red cards to his name than any player in La Liga history, and was subbed off midway through the first half.

It was initially assumed that Ramos had dragged Salah to the ground, causing the injury. However, this fresh perspective appeared to suggest that Ramos wasn’t as guilty as we all thought. (Watch it HERE).

For many people, though, Ramos is still the man responsible for injuring Salah in their eyes.

Worse, some football fans believe the Spanish defender genuinely meant to injure his opponent.

That Ramos was filmed laughing with one of the assistant referees while Salah made his way down the tunnel made things worse.

Fans of Salah, already furious with Ramos, put two and two together and came up with five.

In reality, Ramos was obviously not laughing about Salah’s injury. The World Cup winner might cross the line at times on the pitch but he isn’t a psychopath.

Ramos sent Salah a message of goodwill via Twitter after the match but not even that was enough to stop the abuse from the Liverpool forward’s most infuriated supporters.

Almost a week after the Champions League final and things have taken another turn for the worse, according to Cadena COPE in Spain.

It’s not just Ramos who has received threats – death threats, in some cases – since last weekend’s match in Kiev; his family have, too.

It’s understood that Ramos’s family have been forced to change their phone numbers after being harassed and police are now carrying out an investigation to find the individuals responsible for sending the messages.

A line has been crossed here.

What happens on the football pitch should stay on the football pitch.

Sending abusive messages on social media to a footballer is one thing – although obviously still totally unacceptable – but targeting the family of the footballer in question is disgraceful.

They are innocent in all of this and deserve to be left alone.

Let’s hope those who’ve sent threatening messages to Ramos’s family are caught and punished for their actions.