What Neymar has been telling Philippe Coutinho on WhatsApp this summer

We’re on the verge on the most incredible transfer in football history – Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain in an astonishing €222 million deal.

Many football fans will refuse to believe it until we see the Brazilian holding a PSG shirt at the official unveiling. But it seems we’re just a few days away from that happening.

Of course, Neymar’s transfer is going to have a serious domino effect on the transfer window.

Barca will no doubt look to spend the majority of the fee they receive for Neymar and appear to already be targeting his replacement in the form of Philippe Coutinho.

But if Neymar gets his way, Coutinho won’t be joining Barcelona.



Well, according to Sport, he’s been trying to convince him to join PSG with him.

Sport write: “During his stay in the United States, Neymar dedicated himself to overwhelming messages from Whatsapp to Philippe Coutinho. He asked (and continues to do so) to disregard the offer of FC Barcelona and to do as he join PSG.”

Neymar and Coutinho are great friends having both been born in 1992 and have played for various Brazil sides together from the age of 14.

It was thought that Barca were originally targeting Coutinho to keep Neymar happy at the club with the forward reportedly unhappy at the lack of Brazilian teammates at the Camp Nou. However, with Neymar set to leave for PSG, Barca now desperately want Coutinho to replace his good friend.

Coutinho may now have a tough decision on his hands. Stay at Liverpool? Join Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez at Barcelona? Or join his friend Neymar at PSG?

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as that.

Liverpool are adamant that their star player is not for sale, while PSG surely can’t afford both Neymar and Coutinho in the same transfer window.

Barcelona still appear to be favourites to sign him despite Neymar’s secret pleas.