WATCH: What Pep Guardiola did after stepped off Man City’s battered bus at Anfield

Liverpool made life hell for Manchester City – and that was before the match had even started.

Thousands of fans lined Anfield Road to ‘welcome’ the away bus to the Champions League quarter-final. While there’s nothing wrong with an intimating atmosphere, there is something wrong with throwing missiles at the coach.

Bottles and cans smashed the windows of the bus, meaning City had to send for a replacement to leave the stadium after the match.

And before the game had even started, Pep Guardiola admitted he wasn’t impressed with what had just happened during his pre-match interview.

“Normally when the police know it is going to happen, they tried to avoid it from happening,” said Guardiola.

“One year ago something happened in Dortmund. We come here to play football and I don’t understand this kind of situation.

“The bus is destroyed but I did not expect a prestigious club like Liverpool doing this kind of thing. It is not Liverpool, it is the people, maybe one, two or three, but hopefully it does not happen again.”

And footage has emerged of how Guardiola actually reacted after he stepped off the bus at Anfield.

He sarcastically put his thumb up to Anfield security staff and said: “Thanks for protecting us. Thanks for protecting us.

“Thank you very much! I appreciate what you have done.”