(Video) Van Dijk on hand to defend Robertson from his Achilles heel

Currently one of the world’s best full-backs and a champion of Europe, Andy Robertson doesn’t have many weaknesses.

He flourished in the 2018/19 season, providing width both defensively and in attack as his performances proved instrumental in Jürgen Klopp and the Reds winning the Champions League in Madrid.

The Scotland captain racked up 13 total assists and a equalled a record for defender’s assists with 11 in the Premier League (until Trent Alexander-Arnold went one better on the final day against Wolves).

Starring in the Reds backline alongside Virgil van Dijk, the two also helped Alisson Becker to keep a league-high 21 clean sheets in the top-flight.

Despite all of these achievements and accolades, there’s still one thing that can stop the maurauding, Glaswegian left-back: the sun.

It’s a joke that crops up all the time (usually coming from James Milner); now, out in the summer heat of Indiana, the United States pre-season tour is no different.

Thankfully, Van Dijk was on hand to lend his considerable defensive prowess to protect the sun-shy left-back.

Watch the video here: