Video shows what Loris Karius did immediately after Sergio Ramos elbowed him in CL final

Loris Karius was public enemy number one in Liverpool following his two horrific mistakes in the Champions League final against Real Madrid.

Karius rolled the ball into Karim Benzema’s leg to give Madrid a 1-0 lead in Kiev before he fumbled Gareth Bale’s long-range effort to hand the Spanish side a 3-1 victory.

The German goalkeeper broke down in tears after the match and apologised to the travelling supporters.

His Liverpool career was surely over.

However, on Monday, Karius may have received a Liverpool career lifeline.

Just minutes before his first mistake, Karius received an elbow to the head by Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos.

As a result, Liverpool sent their ‘keeper for a head scan to make sure no damage had been done.

Karius had gone to the United States on holiday where he was referred to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment.

And they confirmed that Karius suffered damage that suggested he should not have continued after the clash with Ramos.

“On May 31, 2018 Mr. Karius underwent a comprehensive examination by Dr. Ross Zafonte and Dr. Lenore Herget in Boston at Massachusetts General Hospital and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital,” the statement began.

“After carefully reviewing game film and integrating a detailed history – including his reported present and immediate post-contact subjective symptoms – physical examination and objective metrics, we have concluded that Mr. Karius sustained a concussion during the match May 26, 2018.

“At the time of our evaluation, Mr. Karius’s principal residual symptoms and objective signs suggested that visual spatial dysfunction existed and likely occurred immediately following the event.”

You can see the full statement below:

After the scan results were revealed, one video has been doing the rounds on Twitter.

Not only does it show Ramos’ seemingly purposely barging into Karius, it shows his reaction.

Karius does look slightly dazed and complains to both the assistant behind the goal and the referee.

However, they clearly wave away the protests and allow play to continue.

The Liverpool Echo claim that treatment was eventually allowed before Karius was deemed fir to continue.