Video shows Jordan Henderson kept making the same key mistake vs Croatia

England and Jordan Henderson will be returning home as World Cup heroes.

The Three Lions defied all expectations to reach the semi-final but were eventually undone by a very talented Croatia team.

Luka Modric’s side were simply too good in the second half after England squandered chances in the first to increase their 1-0 lead.

Harry Kane’s guilt-edged miss when he could have squared to Raheem Sterling will haunt a generation of Three Lions fans.

Nevertheless, there is still a huge sense of pride towards the players, with a number of them turning in some of their best ever international displays while out in Russia.

Henderson was certainly one of them, his performances against both Colombia and Sweden proving what a good player Jurgen Klopp has turned him into.

However, against Modric, Ivan Rakitic and Marcelo Brozovic, Liverpool’s anchorman was a tad out of his depth.

The lack of defensive support from Jesse Lingard and Dele Alli didn’t help matters either.

But some of the blame has to lay at Henderson’s door, with one Twitter user posting a video highlighting his biggest mistake on the pitch.

The 59-second video shows Henderson aimlessly launching the ball upfield instead of keeping possession.


It was a tactic that didn’t serve England well, with only one of Henderson’s 11 attempted long-range passes actually being successful.

In the first-half, Gareth Southgate’s side weren’t feeling the effects of it due to the threat going forward from Sterling in particular.

However, when it came towards the end of the match and England needed to keep the ball, Henderson’s mistake let the Three Lions down.

While the video is pretty damning, Liverpool’s captain enjoyed a fantastic tournament in Russia.

His game has improved so much in recent years and hopefully he can learn from his mistakes against Croatia for future tournaments.

After all, football is one big learning curve.