Video re-emerges of the ridiculous number of VAR decisions that have gone against Liverpool

Liverpool were left cursing VAR once again following their 3-1 defeat to Leicester.

The champions led 1-0 through a Mohamed Salah strike when Thiago gave away a free-kick on the corner of the penalty area for a foul on Harvey Barnes. Liverpool’s hearts were in their mouths as VAR checked whether the contact was inside the box. Fortunately, they adjudged it to be just outside.

But VAR was involved once again as James Maddison curled the ball into the bottom corner.

However, the assistant referee had his flag up as Daniel Amartey appeared offside with the Leicester man attempting to play the ball right in front of Alisson.

After a few minutes and a few drawn lines, VAR decided that Amartey was actually level with Roberto Firmino’s boot. We can only assume that VAR have drawn their lines correctly but it did look a dubious decision.


The goal stood and, within seven minutes, Leicester were 3-1 up with goals from Jamie Vardy and Harvey Barnes. There’s no doubt the equaliser changed the match and Jurgen Klopp rued the decision after just another loss.

“It was a clear game that we should win,” Klopp told Match of the Day. “We played good football, dominated possession, took the game out of Leicester but apart from that we were really top in the game.

“We scored a goal, could have and should have scored more, whatever. Everything fine and then penalty, free-kick, offside, not offside, goal. That had a proper impact.


“That is something that has to change. The first goal for me is offside. The difference is we think it’s an objective thing but it’s not.

“Three players offside for Leicester but it was decided to take another moment in the game. That is how it is.”

But Klopp and Liverpool are no strangers to being on the wrong end of VAR decisions.

Recently, a video of all the contentious decisions that have gone against the club went viral. And that has re-emerged following another controversial VAR call.

The video is captioned: “Liverpool & VAR – The amount of bad decisions that have gone against them is horrendous, the officiating has been woeful as well. Corrupt league.”