Video of parrot singing Mohamed Salah’s ‘The Egyptian king’ song has gone viral

Mohamed Salah has been a big part of Liverpool’s success in the past few seasons.

Since signing from Roma in 2017, Salah has provided a constant goal threat from the wing and has emerged into of the best player’s in the world.

After scoring Liverpool’s first goal in the Champions League final last Saturday, Salah took his combined goals and assists tally for the club to 100 in 104 games.

That is a mightily impressive number.

Due to his performances on the pitch and his likeable personality off it, Salah has become a fan favourite among Liverpool fans.

It wasn’t long until he got his own song, called ‘the Egyptian King’, which is sung frequently by Liverpool fans.

The song is so popular that a parrot has now picked up on the words.

Kelo, an African grey parrot from a Belfast household, has memorised and is able to sing it’s lyrics.

A video has been posted of Kelo singing the song and it’s gold:

After a bit of encouragement, Kelo carries on and finishes off his rendition of the song.

That is a bizarre, yet incredible video.

Kelo’s owner, Linda, spoke to the Independent about how her parrot managed to pick up the song.

“I’ve had Kelo since he was 13 weeks old, he’ll be five in October,” owner Linda said.

“I’m a big time fan of Liverpool, he heard the Mo Salah song and picked it up within a week.

“He knows all of the words now.”

Give Kelo a season ticket at Anfield next season.

Meanwhile, Salah has revealed he used a picture of last season’s Champions League heartache to prepare for the game in Madrid.

“I looked at the picture from last year before the game,” said Salah, per the Telegraph. “I didn’t look at the picture for a long time.

“You can feel what you can beat you so I just looked at it one time and said, ‘OK, let’s go’.

“I was very disappointed that I got injured and went out after 30 minutes and we lost the game. It was something to motivate me to win this time.”