Video of Liverpool players’ ridiculous range of passing is beautiful to watch

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool can do it all.

The German has built a squad that is relentless out of possession and devastatingly effective in it.

And the speed at which Liverpool can move the ball from defence to attack makes them really, really tough to stop.

It’s incredibly frustrating for opposing managers when Virgil van Dijk flings the ball forward and Liverpool are suddenly in a threatening position.

We saw this exact move on Monday during the Reds’ 3-1 win against Arsenal.

This time, it was a Van Dijk pass to Mohamed Salah that left Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta exasperated.

“We tried to put them under as much pressure as we could but Van Dijk plays 60 yards to Salah and they are out,” Arteta said at full-time, per the Mirror.

“This is real quality and that is why they have spent the money they have.”


But it’s not just Van Dijk who has the ability to produce accurate long balls.

Klopp’s squad is filled with great passers, including Trent Alexander-Arnold, Jordan Henderson and summer signing Thiago Alcantara.


With the pacy Salah and Sadio Mane in attack, having players who can pick them out from anywhere on the pitch is a great weapon for the reigning champions.

And a new video shows that Liverpool’s team isn’t short of fine passers.

Created by Twitter user @CF_Comps, the two-minute video shows one immaculate pass played by every player in their first team.

It’s like all they do at Melwood is practice their passing.