Video emerges of Luis Suarez celebrating in Andy Robertson’s face during the first leg

Luis Suarez may not be invited back to Anfield for any charity matches in the near future.

In 2015, the Uruguayan returned to his former home after agreeing to play in a charity game in aid of the Liverpool FC Foundation.

Despite his £75 million move to Barcelona the previous summer, he received a very warm reception. After all, he had scored 82 goals in 133 appearances for the club.

Four years on, Liverpool fans may have lost all respect for Suarez.

It started in the first leg.

Suarez was his usual self – not that Liverpool fans should have expected anything different.

He was constantly trying to wind up his opponents, asking the referee for yellow cards to be dished out and often rolling around on the turf feigning injury.

This is the same Suarez that Liverpool fans adored.

But his passionate celebration after opening the scoring irked many Liverpool supporters.

He also had a constant battle with Andy Robertson during the 90 minutes in Spain, which reportedly led to a half-time clash in the tunnel.

And in a video that has now emerged, it also led to Suarez celebrating in the left-back’s face when Lionel Messi scored his sensational free-kick.

Before running to congratulate Messi on his wonder strike, Suarez ran towards Robertson and got right in his face.

Following Liverpool’s incredible comeback in the second leg at Anfield, that moment of pettiness now looks extremely awkward.

specially after Robertson mocked Suarez in his post-match interview following Liverpool’s 4-0 victory to reach the final.

Robertson had to be replaced at half-time after the striker appeared to purposely kick out at him.

And when BT Sport reporter Des Kelly mentioned Suarez, Robertson had the perfect response.

“You had a running battle with Luis Suarez and he took you out,” Kelly said.

“Who’s going to the final? We’re going to the final. That’s all that matters,” Robertson replied.

The Scot will just hope he recovers in time to be fit for the final in Madrid on June 1.