Thibaut Courtois has reacted to the news that Loris Karius had concussion in CL final

So it seems that Loris Karius was actually concussed during the Champions League final against Real Madrid.

That would certainly explain his two mistakes, that’s for sure.

Karius clashed with Sergio Ramos in the 49th-minutes, just moments before his first mistake where he rolled the ball straight onto Karim Benzema’s outstretched leg.

On Monday, the Massachusetts General Hospital revealed that Karius had actually undergone “a comprehensive examination” and the results were pretty conclusive.

“On May 31, 2018 Mr. Karius underwent a comprehensive examination by Dr. Ross Zafonte and Dr. Lenore Herget in Boston at Massachusetts General Hospital and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital,” the statement began.

“After carefully reviewing game film and integrating a detailed history – including his reported present and immediate post-contact subjective symptoms – physical examination and objective metrics, we have concluded that Mr. Karius sustained a concussion during the match May 26, 2018.

“At the time of our evaluation, Mr. Karius’s principal residual symptoms and objective signs suggested that visual spatial dysfunction existed and likely occurred immediately following the event.”

Maybe Karius has an excuse after all.

Following the news, Karius has received plenty of support with some probably regretting the things they said about the German goalkeeper immediately after the final.

However, despite being a fellow goalkeeper, it seems Thibaut Courtois isn’t convinced.

He pointed out that Karius actually made a couple of good saves after being elbowed by Ramos, and is skeptical that he was concussed at all.

“After the clash with Sergio Ramos, Karius also made two good stops,” Courtois pointed out.

“Blaming Liverpool’s defeat on Ramos is a bit strange.”

“When I had a concussion I couldn’t see the ball anymore, so I’m surprised he could play on without noticing. The story [of the concussion] seems very strange to me, but I guess if that is what the doctors say it must be right.

”In my opinion, he should’ve always left the field, the doctors had to tell him he couldn’t play on like that. I also feel bad for Mignolet because you always want to help your team and I’m sure he could’ve done that.”

Whatever happened to the goalkeepers union?

Of course, being a Chelsea ‘keeper, Courtois should know all about the dangers of head injuries.

It was his predecessor, Petr Cech, that received a horrible blow playing for the Blues against Reading back in 2006.

Cech still wears a protective cap as a result of the horrific injuries he sustained.

Courtois should probably be more understanding…