Thiago joins Liverpool: 7 reasons why the Spanish star is the signing of the summer

Yesterday was yet another historic day for Liverpool Football Club.

The marquee signing of Thiago Alcantara from Bayern Munich was officially announced and the news understandably sparked scenes of pandemonium among fans across social media.

After winning their first ever Premier League title in 2019/20, the onus was on the club to sign reinforcements in order for Jurgen Klopp to have the best shot possible at retaining the trophy.

Those at the top have well and truly delivered. In yet another summer of lavish spending from the Premier League’s big-hitters, the signing of Thiago stands out above the rest.

Below, we’ve detailed seven reasons as to why the Spaniard is the best signing of the 2020/21 summer transfer window – and we can’t see it being topped.

Thiago at Anfield

1. He’s only costing Liverpool £25m

That’s right, the Reds are paying an initial fee of £20m for Thiago, with £5m to be paid to Bayern in bonuses.

The overall fee is less than half of what Manchester United paid for Fred (£53m) and is even £9m less than what Chelsea forked out to sign Danny Drinkwater (£34m).

Talk about a bargain…

2. He’s a born winner

During his seven years in Bavaria with Bayern, Thiago won 16 trophies. That averages out at 2.28 trophies per year – not bad that.

The Spaniard has won the Champions League with both Bayern in 2019/20 and with Barcelona in 2010/11.

Thiago and trophies go hand-in-hand!

Thiago with the Champions League trophy

3. He’s probably the best midfielder in the world right now

It’s simple, there isn’t a team on the planet – club or international – that Thiago doesn’t walk into and that includes Manchester City, Real Madrid and every member of Europe’s elite.

That’s how good he is and the addition of the Spaniard now means Liverpool possess arguably the world’s finest in numerous positions.

Alisson Becker in goal, Virgil van Dijk at centre-back, Trent Alexander-Arnold at right-back and now Thiago in midfield? You’d be a fool to bet against the Reds dominating once again in 2020/21.

Thiago in the Liverpool away kit

4. He can play anywhere in midfield

“Thiago can play in three, four or five different positions in midfield,” Pep Guardiola said during his time at Bayern Munich, per the Bundesliga’s official website.

Versatile players are worth their weight in gold these days and Thiago’s ability to play pretty much any midfield role will be a vital asset to Liverpool.

He can even deputise as the team’s primary holding midfielder if needed, although his talents are slightly wasted in such a deep role.

Thiago & Guardiola

5. He instantly fixes Liverpool’s creative woes

Liverpool’s midfield in 2019/20 had many, many qualities, but there always seemed to be a slight absence of ingenuity – particularly against inferior opposition with 10-men behind the ball.

Jordan Henderson and Gini Wijnaldum are great players, but they’re unlikely to break down stubborn opponents with a mazy dribble or a Lionel Messi-esque pass on a consistent basis.

But that’s where Thiago steps in. The man’s ability to create from deep is unparalleled and if you don’t believe us, just look at this glorious pre-assist from his days at Bayern below.

6. He’s the ultimate big game player

Man-of-the-match in the Champions League final? Completed it mate.

What sets world-class players apart from the rest is there ability to thrive in the harshest footballing environments and that’s exactly what Thiago does.

Chelsea, Barcelona, Lyon and Paris Saint-Germain just couldn’t get near him in the knockout rounds of the Champions League and Liverpool’s club of ‘big game players’ has found a new member.

Thiago vs Lyon

7. He speaks fluent English

This may sound like a trivial final point, but Thiago’s linguistic expertise means adapting to life in the Premier League should be relatively straightforward.

Sure, players can and have thrived on English shores with little to no grasp of the language, but being able to communicate effectively on the pitch and with the nation’s media are a huge help.

It seems Thiago’s even mastered the Scouse accent judging by the video below…