The time Thiago Alcantara produced one of the most beautiful passes of all time

Thiago Alcantara is on the verge of signing for Liverpool.

Various reports today confirmed that the Reds have finally agreed a £27m deal to sign the silky Spanish midfielder from Bayern Munich on a four-year deal.

It’s the marquee transfer Liverpool fans were craving this summer and one that further increases Jurgen Klopp’s chances of winning more silverware in 2020/21.

One thing Thiago will add to the Reds’ midfield is a spectacular array of passing and there are few players in world football capable of spraying the ball around the park better than the 29-year-old.

During his time with Bayern, the Spaniard was responsible for a number of jaw-dropping passes and there’s one in particular that will live long in the memory.

Thiago and Neymar

In a match against Hamburg, Thiago managed to set Franck Ribery free down the left-wing with the most audacious pass on the half-volley, which you can watch below.

Such precision from one of the world’s very best. The fact Ribery goes on to tee up Joshua Kimmich to score makes the pass just that bit more satisfying.

Could it possibly be the greatest pre-assist of all time? It’s certainly up there and the prospect of the Spaniard delivering similar passes to Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah at Liverpool is very exciting one indeed.

Earlier this year, Thiago attempted to explain his unique brilliance and he stated that a lot of it is down to his instincts with the ball at his feet.

“In the centre of the pitch, you don’t have the time to identify which player it is on your team,” Thiago explained to the Independent. “If you don’t instantly get it through his movements, you may not know.

Thiago in action

“So, before anything, you get a panorama of a match; where the spaces will be from where you are, and what players are around you. So it’s a mix of a panoramic view, and the knowledge of your team.

“It’s an instinct that comes from the position in central midfield, and knowing where to play the ball. From years of experience, it becomes second-nature.”

Liverpool, you have signed an absolute gem!