The all-time Premier League and English First Division table has been created

The concept of English football’s top flight is now 131 years old.

When Preston North End won the inaugural league in 1888, Queen Victoria was on the throne, Thomas Edison authorised the first motion picture and ‘Jack the Ripper’ claimed his first victim.

Ever since that season – barring war years – the finest teams in England and Wales have competed to be crowned the best in the land.

Of course, this is the competition that we’ve now come to know as the Premier League, which has become an entity all of its own since the 1992 reorganisation.

However, football fans would be unwise to forget all that came before it, especially when it comes to the argument between Manchester United and Liverpool supporters.


In terms of league titles won, the north-west teams come out on top and the Old Trafford-based side hold a narrow advantage with 20 victories.

Nevertheless, that certainly isn’t the only way of crowning the greatest football club in English history and there’s definitely an argument that consistency is key.

The majority of United’s wins have come in the Premier League era and they have even suffered a number of relegations throughout their illustrious history.


That considered, a fascinating post emerged on Reddit this week showing the all-time Premier League and English First Division table based on wins, draws and losses over history.

Compiling over a century’s worth of fixtures and results, it is quite literally the ultimate table in English footballing history and stands a testament to the ‘beautiful game’ on home shores.

It’s here where Liverpool regain top spot, while United shuffle down to fourth place and have to wait behind Arsenal and Everton in the queue for number one status.

It really makes for fascinating viewing – so check out the whole table down below: