Stunning video of Torres and Gerrard at Liverpool shows the streets will never forget

Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard are both adored at Liverpool.

While that might go without saying for the latter – he did become arguably the club’s greatest ever player, after all – that’s quite the statement when you consider El Nino’s path since leaving Anfield.

Besides, on paper, you’d think that Kopites would still be resentful of Torres for leaving under a cloud of controversy for one of their biggest Premier League rivals in January 2011.

Torres thriving at Liverpool

But whether or not that’s because Torres never made the grade at Chelsea, it’s heart-warming to see that Liverpool fans still look back on his time at the club with a clear sense of fondness.

Though, that being said, even if Torres had set the world alight at Stamford Bridge, you can’t help feeling that would still be the case because the Spaniard is generally a lovely bloke.

And it just happens that Torres was also one of the world’s best strikers in his prime, which just happened to coincide with his time on Merseyside, scoring 81 goals in 142 games for the Reds.


Gerrard and Torres’ Liverpool partnership

A lot of the credit for that falls at the feet of Torres himself with the future World Cup winner scoring memorable strikes against the likes of Chelsea and Blackburn Rovers from absolutely nothing.

But we’d be lying if we said that Gerrard, who was also producing some of his best-ever seasons at the time, didn’t have a massive part to play in Torres’ early success in the Premier League.

Besides, with Rafael Benitez playing the Liverpool skipper further up the pitch, his connection with Torres made for one of the deadliest partnerships in Premier League history.


Torres and Gerrard compilation

Sadly, at the expense of making you feel old, it’s now been over ten years since we’ve seen Torres and Gerrard tearing up England’s top-flight, but we still have all the footage to remember it by.

And boy has Twitter user @CF_Comps taken that and run with it, producing a fantastic compilation of the two Liverpool heroes combined for some of their greatest ever Premier League goals.

If that hasn’t piqued your interest, then I’m not sure we can be friends, but for those who want to see the dynamic duo in all their glory, be sure to check out the full video down below:

You know when fans say ‘the streets will never forget’? Yeah, that.

A memorable time and place

There’s just something so iconic about seeing Gerrard and Torres in those delicious Carlsberg-sponsored Liverpool kits, running riot in such a memorable era of the Premier League.

Besides, you knew you were in trouble when Torres came sprinting towards you with long, blonde locks in a pair of Nike Total 90s and even defensive greats like Nemanja Vidic can attest to that.