Steven Gerrard’s reaction when told 42% of fans still think Man City can go through

What would have been a good result for Liverpool in their Champions League quarter-final first-leg against Manchester City?

Well, with the return at the Etihad next week, you really felt Liverpool needed an advantage. Any advantage.

How about a 3-0 win?

Keeping a clean sheet and denying Man City an important away goal was probably beyond even Jurgen Klopp’s wildest dreams.

It means an early away goal in the second-leg for Liverpool would see City needing to score FIVE to stand any chance of qualifying.

The tie is as good as over.

But this is Pep Guardiola’s City we’re talking about.

They’re 16 points clear in the Premier League and could seal the title against Manchester United this weekend.

They’re one of the greatest Premier League sides ever and can score goals for fun.

That’s why, when BT Sport asked the question: ‘Can Man City still progress to the Champions League semi-finals?’ 42% of people said ‘yes.’

They’re not willing to rule City out of this one just yet.

But what did Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard think of that?

When asked by Gary Lineker in the studio what he thought of the results, he needed just two words: “I don’t.”

He went on to explain exactly why he thinks Man City don’t have a chance of making the last-four of the competition now.

“I think Liverpool have enough to get the job done in the second-leg,” he said.

“But you have to show City respect. They’re more than capable of creating lots of chances.”