Spurs fan tells brilliant story of finding Liverpool fans wallet

Football might all be about rivalries that fans often get caught up in themselves but it also has an incredible ability to bring the best out in people, as the story of a Spurs’ fan finding a Liverpool fan’s wallet proves.

We’ve all had that moment of suddenly realising we’ve left something behind. Be it our phone, wallet, keys (the usual three pocket check), or something else. The panic that sets in to retrace your steps to find it.

It’s very rare that you actually spot it, even if you realise exactly where you left it, and there’s that feeling of dread that you’ll never again see it.

That feeling can only be multiplied when you’re in a major city during the time of a huge sporting event. Leaving your wallet anywhere in Madrid this weekend would have surely been the end of that wallet.

However it wasn’t the case for one very fortunate, and giving Liverpool fan. On a Spurs Facebook group, Tottenham supporter Alan posted a about how he found a wallet, contacted it’s owner and the lovely story that ensued:

“I found a wallet in the cab to the ground, it had €800 in it, but it also had the fellas details in it. I phoned him up and he started crying.

“He lost it the night before the game, it had his driving license in it with all of his cards, but most of all a letter written to him from his wife just before she died in January.

“I told him where we was and ,him and two mates walked into the bar wearing their Liverpool shirts and gave me the biggest cuddle ever and brought everyone in the bar a beer.

“He text me after the game and said he’s sorry for Liverpool beating us and said he wants to donate £500 to a charity of my choice. ‘Help for heroes’ will be getting some money Monday.”

What a wonderful moment. Great that the owner got his wallet, and more importantly the letter, back and that a great charity will also benefit.

It’s an even better story because it’s a complete contradiction to many of the other negative stories around both the Champions League and Europa League finals.

Whilst most had good experiences in Madrid some found that the tickets they’d bought on Stubhub were cancelled for being fake and one plane full of Spurs fans was delayed seven hours and they missed kick off.

Fortunately Alan and the Liverpool fan is the kind of wholesome story that reminds us what the football community can do when it comes together.