‘Someone finally understands!’ Bobby Duncan takes to Twitter, but he’s missing the point (VIDEO)

Bobby Duncan has posted a video of Tim Sherwood and Andy Townsend discussing his move to Fiorentina on The Debate last night – along with the caption ‘Someone finally understands’.

The pundits are congratulating Duncan for having the courage to force a move and go and try his luck in another country, citing the examples of other young English players who’ve done the same and gone on to play international football – although who is there apart from Jadon Sancho?

What Duncan doesn’t realise though is it’s not the fact he left for a greater chance of first-team football that has clouded his reputation. It’s the behaviour of his agent and the manner in which he went about the situation – branding Liverpool bullies and weaponising mental health to get a transfer through.

We have no issue with what Sherwood and Townsend are saying here, but an enormous one with agent Saif Rubie and his role in Duncan’s career…