Shocking: Guinea ignore COVID-19 protocol and won’t even tell Liverpool of Naby Keita’s COVID-19 status

Liverpool need to be far stricter the next time there’s an international break regarding who we do and do not allow to travel with their countries.

Naby Keita for example was given the thumbs up to play two meaningless friendlies for Guinea, and it very much looks like Liverpool will pay the price.

The Telegraph claim that the Guinean FA haven’t even had the decency to officially alert Liverpool of Keita’s rumoured positive test, and more worryingly, Foot224 have said the Guinean players are now flatly refusing to play after the lack of appropriate social distancing practised in team quarters.

The publication claims, “Four players are accommodated in the same apartment, ie. two per room with two separate beds. This is also one of the reasons for the infection of some players.”

Liverpool actually had no obligation to send Keita to Guinea given the fixtures were not competitive and surely must ask tougher questions next time.

Kostas Tsimikas, Thiago, Sadio Mane and Keita have now all been infected with the virus – and the fact players are flying in and out of Liverpool from all over the world – having spent time with others in dangerous conditions – is ridiculous.

International friendlies should be cancelled, for starters, and Liverpool need to be tough with Guinea and any other country who puts our players at risk.