Salah fans attack Milner on social media after he didn’t let him take Cardiff penalty

Liverpool returned to the top of the Premier League after a hard fought victory against relegation-threatened Cardiff City on Easter Sunday.

Manchester City took a step closer to retaining the league title after a 1-0 win against Spurs on Saturday but Jurgen Klopp’s side rose to the occasion a day later.

The first 57 minutes were tense in Wales.

But Georginio Wijnaldum’s thumping strike from Trent Alexander-Arnold’s low corner opened the scoring.

Klopp then attempted to tighten up his midfield by bringing on Fabinho for Naby Keita.

But just minutes later, the Brazilian was walking off the pitch after a clash of heads.

It meant James Milner had to be readied.

Six minutes later, the midfielder had the ball in his hands after Mohamed Salah had been fouled by Sean Morrison.

However, it took a bit of work to get the ball in his hands.

That’s because a video emerged showing the Egyptian extremely reluctant to hand the ball over to the club’s penalty taker, leaving Milner having to snatch the ball out of his grip.

It’s understandable considering Salah would have gone top of the Golden Boot standings with a goal, not to mention the fact that he won the spot-kick.

But Milner has such a good record from 12 yards and snatched the ball out of Salah’s hands.

While Liverpool fans won’t care who stuck the ball into the back of the net as they returned to the top of the league with three matches left to play, it seems Salah’s fans did care.

That’s because fans of the superstar have been attacking Milner on social media as a result.

Screenshots of some of the comments on Milner’s Instagram are pretty disgusting.

“F**k you Milner you should give it to Salah,” one reads.

“Most selfish player in the world,” says one of the rare clean comments.

“Closed minded player, worse act ever and karma is a bitch,” was another comment.

Shocking from Salah’s fans but Milner isn’t likely to care too much.