Sadio Mane brutally rates Trent Alexander-Arnold’s defending for FIFA 21

Sadio Mane really isn’t a fan of Trent Alexander-Arnold’s defending, if his score for Trent’s FIFA 21 card is anything to go by.

Alexander-Arnold is considered one of the best right backs in the world, despite being just 21-years-old, and after a couple of years of winning everything with Liverpool he might even be on top of the list.

His ability to get forward and both create and score goals in quite spectacular but it seems his teammates think his defending could still be improved upon.

In a video for EA Sports, Trent, Divock Origi, Sadio Mane and Curtis Jones had to work out what each other had been rated on the game for each section. Mane gave his teammate 50 out of 100 ‘maximum’ before being generous and giving him 64 instead.

Trent telling his teammate to ‘chill’ as he’s clearly getting a bit wound up by his teammate fishing for a bite is absolutely wonderful.

It’s not even the only time that the England international is mocked on the video. The four players are asked who is the best defender out of them. Trent, being the only defender, votes for himself but the other three pick Mane.

Curtis Jones tells his teammate that he’s not convinced by him in one-on-one situations.

Trent needn’t worry about his rating though. The right back has got an overall rating of 87 and his defending is at 80, quite a bit higher than what Mane gave him.

That rating means he just misses out on the best possible starting XI on FIFA 21, which has no full back anyway, but he is unsurprisingly in the Premier League XI, along with Mane.

Whilst the Liverpool full-back might not be happy with how his own teammates have rated him on the game others aren’t happy with their actual ratings.