Richard Keys makes massive claims over Liverpool duo Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane

There have been a couple of minor issues between Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane during the four years they’ve been teammates.

The incident that immediately springs to mind is the altercation at Burnley back in August 2019. Mane was furious that Salah had failed to pass the ball to him and lashed out on the subs’ bench after he was taken off.

There have been more examples since then of the two forwards sometimes being a little selfish and not always seeing eye-to-eye on the pitch.

On the whole, though, the two stars – along with their teammate Roberto Firmino – have put the team first before personal glory.

Liverpool would not have enjoyed so much success over the past couple of years if this wasn’t the case.


As the reigning Premier League champions’ dismal season continues to get worse, however, speculation is intensifying that at least one of the team’s revered trio could leave Anfield this summer.

Salah’s agent caused a stir last week by simply tweeting a full stop after his client, who looked visibly unhappy with Jurgen Klopp’s decision to replace him, was subbed off in the 62nd minute of the 1-0 defeat against Chelsea.

And now beIN Sports host Richard Keys, best known in the UK for his previous work with Sky Sports, has made some massive claims in his latest blog post following Sunday’s 1-0 defeat against Fulham.

Keys claims that Mane and Salah don’t get on and that the latter wants more money.

Even more shocking is the revelation that he expects Salah to become a Barcelona player *this* summer.


“We’ve all known for some time that Mane and Salah don’t get on,” Keys wrote in his blog. “Salah wants more money – but that’s a smoke screen. He’s leaving at the end of the season. His agent confirmed that when he tweeted that full stop after Salah was taken off in mid-week.

“Where is he going? We need to look at events in Barcelona for the answer. Joan Laporta is back as President. His first job? Calm Messi. His second job? Deliver a poster signing. Who? You’ve got it.”



Were this to happen it would obviously be a major blow for Liverpool, unless they could sign a world-class replacement.

Salah has scored 118 goals in 190 games for the Reds, and is currently the leading scorer in the Premier League this term with 17 goals to his name.

Keys also claims that Mane is unhappy that Salah earns more money than him.

“Mane is unhappy that Salah is paid more – so naturally he wants more,” the TV host added. “Michael Owen gave us an insight into the problems between the two when he suggested that Mane won’t go down in the box because Salah is on pens! I’m pleased he’s staying on his feet – but that’s not quite the reason i wanted to hear.”


Salah is currently earning a reported £220,000 a week, while Mane is understood to take home £150,000 a week.

Mane, who has been pivotal to Liverpool’s recent success, has every reason to feel that he deserves a figure closer to what Salah earns.