Reds fans are loving what Adrian did before the Arsenal game

Summer signing Adrian, who has been thrust into the limelight since the start of the season due to Alisson Becker’s injury, has had an eventful time in the Reds’ goal so far this season.

From being the hero in the UEFA Super Cup final against Chelsea to his howler against Southampton, he has experienced both ends of the spectrum, it can certainly be said.

After watching the latest ‘Inside Anfield’ on the official LFC YouTube channel, some Reds fans spotted something he did prior to the victory against Arsenal on Saturday night.

Jurgen Klopp had previously told his players that they were not allowed to touch the ‘This Is Anfield’ sign until they had won a trophy. Adrian, of course, was not a part of the Champions League-winning squad but did play in the Super Cup.

It did not go unnoticed that he touched the sign in the Reds’ first home game since winning in Istanbul.

Not everyone counts it as a trophy – but he certainly was, and we don’t blame him.

This is how some Reds supporters reacted on Twitter: