Real Madrid trio accused of mocking Liverpool badge – video shows what really happened

Liverpool fans have a long summer ahead of them as they dwell on their Champions League final defeat to Real Madrid last weekend.

At least they have international football to distract them until the start of next season.

And those Liverpool supporters that live close to Anfield might just be popping along to watch Brazil face Croatia in a friendly.

Both nations are preparing for the World Cup and will meet on Merseyside on Sunday.

And Liverpool fans will have plenty of interest with the likes of Roberto Firmino and Dejan Lovren set to feature – not to mention former player Philippe Coutinho.

However, they might not be too excited to see a host of Real Madrid stars take to the field.

Brazilian duo Marcelo and Casemiro, along with Croatian duo Luka Modric and Mateo Kovačić will go head-to-head.

On Saturday the four Madrid players met at Anfield in the tunnel as they had training sessions on the pitch ahead of the game.

In fact, an image of Marcelo, Modric and Kovacic laughing next to a Liverpool badge went viral.

Everyone was saying how the trio were mocking Liverpool after they beat them 3-1 in the Champions League final.

To be fair, the picture certainly looks that way.

But there’s an explanation.

A video has emerged showing exactly what Marcelo, Modric and Kovačić were laughing at.

The answer?

The arrival of Casemiro.

With the three Madrid players hanging around at Anfield, they saw Casemiro approaching and were smiling to greet his arrival.

The location of the Liverpool badge was merely a coincidence.

Not like football fans to jump to conclusions…