Peter Schmeichel has said what neede to be said about Alisson after mistake v Leicester

It was only a matter of time before Alisson made a big mistake for Liverpool – and it came during Saturday’s 2-1 win against Leicester City.

When Virgil van Dijk played a wayward back pass to the Brazil international, he tried to fool Kelechi Iheanacho with a Cruyff turn but ended up giving the ball away.

Iheanacho then passed across goal to Rachid Ghezzal to make it 2-1 – a lead Liverpool managed to hold on to with 25 minutes remaining.

Since the game, Alisson has accepted responsibility and said he will try to learn from his costly mistake.

“I am angry that I made a mistake,” said the 25-year-old. “It was bad judgement, I made a mistake reading the play.

“I wanted to keep playing and keep the possession [and] now everyone is going to analyse that. I’m not going to be stupid and make the same mistake. We have to learn from our mistakes.

“It is part of my game (playing out from the back) but I am not going to be arrogant to stand here and say I’m going to keep doing it.”

Alisson is adamant that he won’t try anything similar in future games for Liverpool, but now Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel has sent him an important message.

According to the Dane, Alisson will be judged for how he responds to his mistake and shouldn’t drop his risky style of goalkeeping – because it’s what Liverpool paid £66m for.

“Every single player who plays like that – it doesn’t matter where you are on the pitch – will lose the ball every now and again,” said Schmeichel.

“The unfortunate thing for [Alisson] is that before the game against Leicester he said there would be more heart-stopping moments and he goes out in the next game and makes a mistake.

“Now that’s fine. It happens. But he’s a Liverpool goalkeeper and Liverpool goalkeepers over the last ten years have had a terrible time.

“Every little mistake is magnified and now they’ve spent so much money on one of the best goalkeepers in the world and people will still say it’s the same.

“When we begin to judge and see how good he really is is now. We have to see how he reacts in the next couple of months. How he will be under pressure.

“The media will scrutinise every little thing he does. How is he reacting to that? Can he still play to this very high level and brush it aside? That is the art of goalkeeping if you have that ability.

The worst thing he can do is compromise his style. [Liverpool] paid so much money for that. Stay with it, be comfortable with that.”

Spot on. Mistakes from Alisson are inevitable because of his goalkeeping style, but he must stick to the values that make him so unique.