Peter Moore gave a truthful message to the Liverpool fans about the club’s finances

Liverpool CEO Peter Moore has shared a message for local Liverpool supporters ahead of the 2018/19 season.

The club chief was the top speaker on the final day of the International Business Festival in Liverpool on Thursday.

Moore – who has previously worked for Reebok, Sega and Microsoft – left Electronic Arts in 2017 to replace Ian Ayre as Liverpool’s CEO.

He’s already overseen the successful signings of Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk and there are high hopes surrounding summer arrivals Naby Keita and Fabinho.

Moore told the crowd of business leaders that his focus was on attracting fans from Merseyside and around the world.

Despite their lack of silverware in recent years, Liverpool remain one of the best supported clubs around the world.

The 63-year-old executive admitted that local fans finding it harder to get match tickets causes “friction” with the international fans.

But Moore insisted that Liverpool must continue increasing their revenue if they intend to challenge the best clubs in Europe.

“This is a city at times that doesn’t like the fact that football is a business,” said Moore, as per The Mirror.

“They don’t like people like me, suits.

“They believe football just happens – and I get that.

“But this is not the old days. If you’re not in the multiple hundreds of millions of pounds of revenue, you can’t afford the best players.

“We’re in a world now where if you’re not a £500m football team you’re not going to win anything. And the ability for us to be able to stay up bluntly with the Manchester Uniteds and the Barcelonas and the PSGs and the Real Madrids, all of whom have slightly different business models, becomes critical, because if we don’t stay up with them we don’t compete.

“We are the proud owners of the world’s most expensive defender in Virgil van Dijk at £75million. But that money has got to come from somewhere. And being able to drive that growth becomes critical. Why? Because you invest in the team.

“Our primary focus for every pound, Euro, dollar we make is to give it to Jurgen Klopp and our scouting staff and our sporting director and say go buy the best players, go find the next Mohamed Salah.

“Go shore up the defence, which we did with Virgil Van Dijk. Go figure out how you can identify a player like we’ve just done with Naby Keita, buy him a year in advance, leave him in Germany, but now, as he shows up this week, is a Liverpool player.

“This doesn’t come cheap. It’s a high-stakes game. It requires revenue coming in all the time.”

Moore spoke honestly by calling football a “business” – it’s a harsh truth that some Merseyside Reds don’t want to accept.

He’s absolutely right though. The club’s revenue is key if trophies are what Liverpool fans desire.