Pep Guardiola’s reaction after Klopp was cheered in his press conference was brilliant

Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp met for the first time this season in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The two managers were involved in four of the finest games of 2017/18, with Liverpool winning three of them.

Two of their victories saw them eliminate Manchester City in the Champions League, while their win in the Premier League at Anfield brought an end to the Citizens’ unbeaten run.

City’s only solace was the 5-0 thrashing they handed to the Reds earlier on in the season.

And Klopp’s men were once again victorious in the pre-season meeting, winning 2-1 courtesy of goals from returning African duo Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane.

Leroy Sane had given City the lead, but the German’s effort was quickly cancelled out.

While the result bares no significance going into the new season, Klopp was adamant that Guardiola would be unhappy with the scoreline.

“I’m pretty sure Pep was a little bit angry because he hates losing, like I do,” Klopp said.

“I was not a bit happy about the Dortmund game, even when there was a lot more good situations than today, especially in the first half.

“If you lose a game, you lose a game. How can you be happy? And if we win a game, that’s cool.”

Fair words from Klopp and there was an odd meeting between the two managers after the game had concluded.

Guardiola was doing his post-match press conference when suddenly he was distracted by some loud cheering.


Turns out, the people in the conference were cheering Klopp and Guardiola reacted in a pretty classy way.

He invited the German to sit down, shook his hands and then left without answering anymore questions.

Given that he had been interrupted, his reaction can’t really be seen as rude and fans loved it.

And Klopp responded in typical fashion once Guardiola had walked off, saying: “Bye! That’s how we finish press conferences. Maybe Jose Mourinho will come and finish my press conference.”

The Guardiola vs Klopp rivalry is going to be highly entertaining going into the new season, particularly as they’re the two favourites for the title.