One Liverpool player smashed all his teammates in fitness test on return to Melwood

Pre-season training has begun at Melwood, five-and-a-half weeks after their Champions League final defeat to Real Madrid.

Summer arrivals Naby Keita and Fabinho linked up with their new Liverpool teammates.

A total of 26 players arrived on the first day of pre-season training – and Jurgen Klopp put them through their paces.

After over a month on vacation, the Liverpool players were faced with the daunting task of a variety of different fitness tests.

Like he did one year earlier, Klopp had his players undertake a lactic fitness test.

According to an official definition: “It’s a test that measures the amount of lactic acid in your blood. This acid is made in muscle cells and red blood cells. It forms when your body turns food into energy.”

Liverpool players were instructed to jog around the pitch and had a blood sample taken after each time they completed a lap.

If the level of lactic acid in their blood exceeded a certain amount, they were out of the drill.

A Liverpool fan posted the results of the test on Twitter after the club published the full video on LFCTVGO.

Keita, 23, is renowned for his energy in midfield but the former RB Leipzig star couldn’t keep up with one player.

At the age of 32, James Milner is still proving himself to be the ultimate professional.

The former Manchester City man was pushed hard by Adam Lallana but won the title of ‘Liverpool’s fittest player’ for the second consecutive season.

Milner, who loves working under Klopp, may find his playing time limited in the 2018/19 campaign following the arrivals of Keita and Fabinho in midfield.

He made 32 Premier League appearances last season and topped the assists chart in the Champions League.

In May, Milner praised his German boss for the way he motivates his players.

“There have been times at half-time, we thought he’d come in and go absolutely mental and he hasn’t and it was the right call,” Milner told the Times.

“Other times, you weren’t expecting a rocket and you get one. The best managers know when to give a rocket and when to put the arm round someone.

“I love his passion and that he’s there for you every kick.

“There are times when he might say something because it’s the emotion, but there might be times that he might not agree with you and he goes away, thinks about it and then meets you halfway.

“That’s a high quality needed of the best managers, taking opinions.”

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