Mohamed Salah donates £2.5m to cancer hospital in Egypt after suspected terrorist attack

Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah has reportedly donated $3 million (£2.5m) to a cancer hospital in Cairo, following a suspected terrorist incident killed 20 people. 

According to the Liverpool Echo, another 47 people were injured during the explosion on Sunday, when a car drove at high speed and crashed into three others outside the hospital. 

Shortly after, Salah tweeted his response to the incident. 

“My full support and condolences to the families of victims and victims of the explosion of the Oncology Institute,” the Egyptian wrote. 

Earlier this week, Cairo University president Dr Mohamed Osman Elkhosht suggested that Salah followed up his tweet by donating $3 million to help rebuild the institute. 

His very generous act is expected to cover around 50% of the costs of repair – and this isn’t the first time he’s done such a thing.  

According to a former media officer of the Egypt national team, the Liverpool forward has donated a ‘lot of money to those in need’ back home. 

“It is well known that Salah dedicates a lot of money for those in need in his village. Everything goes through his father, who knows what to do,” Inas Mazhar said, per BBC Sport.

“For example, someone from the village preparing for a wedding will come to his father to request funds. 

“Or if someone says he is sick, the father follows the case and if it is true, he will help pay for the operation.

“Salah has never forgotten his roots – unlike other players who often forget their families and villages when they become wealthy.” 

It’s acts like these that really put things into perspective and Salah isn’t the only Liverpool player who’s shown huge generosity recently. 

Sadio Mane spent the last few days of his off-season visiting the construction site of a school he’s building in Senegal, after donating £200,000 to help cover costs.

No matter how brilliant they are on a football pitch, it’s acts like these that make both men true role models.