Mo Salah’s agent has dropped tweet about The Sun’s front page for England v Colombia

Britain’s tabloids are notorious for going all out when it comes to major tournaments involving England – and there have been plenty of occasions in the past where they’ve crossed the line.

Many football fans believe that The Sun (surprise, surprise) have gone too far after seeing their front page ahead of England’s Round of 16 match against Colombia on Tuesday night.

It features a photo of Harry Kane alongside the headline: ‘As 3 Lions face nation that gave world Shakira, great coffee and er, other stuff, we say.. GO KANE!’.

It was, of course, the final two words which raised eyebrows and have sparked to a widespread backlash on social media.

“It’s rather sad that they use such a festive and friendly environment as the World Cup to target a country and continue to stigmatise it with a completely unrelated issue,” Colombia’s ambassador to the UK, Néstor Osorio Londoño, was quoted as saying by the Guardian.

“Respect, fair play and joy for the game is all that matters tonight. We’ll be cheering for Colombia and hoping we can all enjoy a great match.”

It was a completely fair point. The Sun’s front page felt like a cheap and unnecessary shot at a country who’ve done nothing to antagonise England in the build-up to the match.

Liverpool fans, who have despised The Sun ever since the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, were hardly surprised to see the infamous red-top stoop to these levels in order to sell more papers.

And they are loving the following tweet which was posted by Mohamed Salah’s agent, Ramy Abbas Issa, on Tuesday morning.

He tweeted: “The cover of the @TheSun about Colombia is a disgrace… but true to form. It’s a paper not even worthy of being trampled on.”

Needless to say, this went down extremely well with Liverpool supporters.