Mo Salah placed a bet with Ings on the day he left Liverpool – it says a lot [Times]

Danny Ings will always have the respect of Liverpool fans.

The forward was never a regular during his stint in Liverpool, but it was his ability to come back from unfortunate set-backs that won over fans of the Merseyside club.

Ings suffered two lengthy injuries, one to each of his knees, which kept him out for the best part of two years.

That meant in his three season stint at the club he would feature just 25 times in a red shirt.

With competition rife at Liverpool, especially in the forward positions, Ings felt as if his time had come to depart this summer.

He signed for Southampton on loan until the end of the season in a deal which would become permanent next July.

Jurgen Klopp has raved about Ings since he left the club, but he’s not the only man at Liverpool that holds the 26-year-old in high regard.

Mohamed Salah also has a high opinion of his former teammate; and that is emphasised by the bet the two made on Ings’ last day at Liverpool.

The Times reveal that Salah and Ings have a competition as to who will score more goals over the course of the season.

The text reads: “It speaks volumes for how he was viewed as a footballer, also, that on the day that he left, Salah challenged him to a sporting bet as to who would score the most Premier League goals.”

And Salah also showed his class by not counting his goal against West Ham on the opening day, due to Ings having not officially joined Southampton by that time.

“They stand at one each after the Egyptian decided to scrap his opening-day strike because Ings’s late move meant he did not start Southampton’s first fixture,” the report adds.

That is class. Salah will no doubt be the favourite in their bet, but it says a lot about his opinion of Ings that he would even challenge him in the first place.

The 26-year-old revealed that his former teammates at Liverpool wanted him to stay, but he admitted he felt as if he had to leave to be happy.

“The lads at Liverpool all wanted me to stay, but understood,” he said. “We used to play cards on the way to away games and it was a different feeling for me because I wouldn’t be starting.

“I would cover that up, and I hid that, because I didn’t want to bring any negativity to the group.

“But it didn’t stop me going home and just sitting in the house with my dogs and being upset. That happened for a long time.

“Although I was happy around the lads and everyone at the club, on a much deeper level I know I wasn’t as happy as I can be. That was the biggest reason for me: I just wanted to be happy.”