Milner’s superb tweet after Liverpool’s pre-season game clashes with England v Sweden

The World Cup is still a week away from finishing, but the vast majority of club sides have already returned to pre-season action.

One such team that is already preparing for the next season is Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side.

Although it will be a few weeks until the whole squad is back together, a number of first team players have resumed training with the Reds.

That includes none other than James Milner, who has already impressed many with his fitness since returning.

He will be available when Liverpool take on Chester in their first pre-season game on Saturday.

But for Milner, there’s a problem. The game kicks off at 3pm, while England’s quarter-final game against Sweden also occurs at exactly the same time.

That means that the 32-year-old will not have the opportunity to watch England’s match.

Milner has now taken to Twitter to post about the situation, and he has done it in typical fashion.

Instead of complaining about not being able to watch England, Milner instead bemoaned that the clash of the two games ruined his World Cup wall chart.

Milner then posted his amended wall chart, as he scribbled out England’s game and replaced it with Liverpool’s.

Never change, James.

Milner has been quiet on social media by his standards over the past few months, but he’s burst into life with this belter on Friday afternoon.

Klopp, meanwhile, has spoken about Karius for the first time since it was revealed he had concussion in the Champions League final.

“It’s all normal here. I don’t know exactly what people think or made of the situation,” he said. “The only thing I can say is he had a concussion in the game.

“Whoever had a concussion knows there is not one way how it feels, there are different ways. He didn’t feel it obviously.

“He had a knock on his head and he felt that but he didn’t know he had a concussion. That’s how concussions are. The guy who has it is the last one to be aware of it probably.

“He was influenced by that knock, that is 100 per cent. What the rest of the world is making of it, I don’t care. It’s really not important what the people say. We do not use it as an excuse.

“Now people could think for us it is the explanation – and for me it is 100 per cent the explanation and that’s all.”