Michael Owen reveals – Premier League legend was on the verge of signing for Liverpool

Michael Owen has explained on Twitter how Alan Shearer was ‘inches’ from signing for Liverpool after Sir Bobby Robson put him on the bench.

The comment is in response to Shearer attacking Owen following the launch of our former striker’s book, ‘Reboot,’ in which he regularly takes aim to ‘delusional’ Newcastle fans…

You can see the spat, here:

ir Bobby managed the Toon between 1999 and 2004, but Owen only signed in 2005 – which makes his comments a little strange.

Perhaps he heard in the dressing room after he arrived, as he definitely wouldn’t have witnessed the situation firsthand.

There’s a lot of controversial stuff in Owen’s book, including an attack on Liverpool fans who complain about his move to Manchester United.

None of it is going to do him much good – and it seems he’s on a one-man mission to alienate himself from the supporters of every club he ever played for.