Marco Reus paid ultimate to Sadio Mane last night – and it’s simply brilliant

Sadio Mane just loves to copy his teammates’ celebrations.

During Liverpool’s 5-0 victory against Porto a fortnight ago, Mane could be seen attempting Roberto Firmino’s karate-kick when the Brazilian was celebrating his goal.

But it’s far from the first time Mane has done this. And a video emerged showing how Mane, on three occasions, emulating exactly what his teammates were doing.

We’re not sure quite why he does it, but it’s pretty hilarious.

At the weekend, after his goal in Liverpool’s 4-1 victory against West Ham, Mane tried Firmino’s ‘karate kick’ once again.

And it seems he’s becoming a bit of a hero for how he’s always nicking celebrations off his teammates.

Liverpool fans love him for it and it seems it’s also attracted the interest of other footballers around Europe.

That’s because, on Monday night, Borussia Dortmund’s Marco Reus appeared to pay tribute to Mane in his own celebration.

Reus scored for Dortmund against Augsberg after just 16 minutes and Liverpool fans would have immediately noticed he attempted a karate kick. However, further investigation shows that the German actually attempted all three celebrations that Mane produced in the video that went viral last week.

He pulls out the gun celebration that Mane did with Firmino at Swansea, he produced the kiss that Mane copied from Philippe Coutinho and, finally, Reus did the karate kick.

There’s very little doubt that Reus was mimicking Mane.

Check it out:

Those Liverpool fans that noticed it were absolutely loving it. They were also – with tongue very firmly in cheek – suggesting that Reus is now set to sign for Liverpool.