Manchester United fans live to regret a banner they made teasing Liverpool…

In 2011, Manchester United displayed a banner mocking our ‘Mickey Mouse Treble’, which involved winning the FA Cup, League Cup and UEFA Cup in 2000/01, along with the Community Shield and Super Cup at the beginning of 2001/02.

Yes, it wasn’t quite as impressive as their treble in 1999, one of the greatest achievements in football – ever – but it was still some feat.

Especially considering the financial restraints Gerard Houllier was working under…

Here’s the banner we’ve mentioned, which was tweeted by a journalist along with a slightly misunderstood caption!

Following United’s Europa League win (in which they parked the bus against an Under-23 side…), Jose Mourinho will not stop talking about his three trophies in his debut season.

Winning the League Cup, Community Shield and Europa League is decent, but when you consider how United fans used to feel about these trophies, the celebrations seem a little hypocritical.

They’re likely to spend another barbaric sum of money in the summer and continue to play dour football under Mourinho, but there was a time when however much we hated our rivals – they demanded respect.

Fergie didn’t buy titles and he played a brilliant brand of football. Times have changed.