Man Utd fan works out how they can make the top 4 without handing Liverpool PL title

The majority of Manchester United fans are dreading the thought of Liverpool winning the Premier League title.

Back in 2011, the Red Devils surpassed Liverpool when they clinched a 19th league title and they would add a 20th in 2013.

But there’s every chance that the Anfield club will close the gap – and win the Premier League for the first time ever – this season.

Liverpool are two points ahead of Manchester City ahead of Wednesday evening’s Manchester derby, which will go a long way to deciding the title race.

If Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side take any points from City, then Liverpool, who face Huddersfield, Newcastle and Wolves in their final three games, will probably win the title.

And much as United wouldn’t want City to be champions either, it’s a better prospect that seeing Jurgen Klopp hoist the trophy in the eyes of many supporters.

But Man United are currently embroiled in a battle to finish in the top four, so they’re facing a tricky situation.


However, one United fan has worked out how they can finish in the automatic Champions League qualification places without handing Liverpool the league.

It’s a rather complicated process – and it requires some unlikely results – but it would be an ideal way for the season to end.

How the top six currently looks:

1 | Liverpool | P35 | 88 points

2 | Manchester City | P34 | 86

3 | Tottenham | P35 | 70

4 | Chelsea | P35 | 67

5 | Arsenal | P34 | 66

6 | Manchester United | P34 | 64


April 24

  • Wolves v Arsenal: Wolves win
  • Man United v Man City: Man City win

April 26

  • Liverpool v Huddersfield: Liverpool win

April 27

  • Tottenham v West Ham: Tottenham win

April 28

  • Leicester v Arsenal: Draw
  • Burnley v Man City: Man City win
  • Man United v Chelsea: Man United win

May 4

  • Bournemouth v Tottenham: Tottenham win
  • Newcastle v Liverpool: Liverpool win

May 5

  • Chelsea v Watford: Chelsea win
  • Huddersfield v Man United: Man United win
  • Arsenal v Brighton: Arsenal win

May 6

  • Man City v Leicester: Man City win

May 12

  • Brighton v Man City: Man City win
  • Burnley v Arsenal: Draw
  • Leicester v Chelsea: Draw
  • Liverpool v Wolves: Liverpool win
  • Man United v Cardiff: Man United win
  • Tottenham v Everton: Tottenham win

How the final standings would look:

1 | Manchester City | P38 | 98 points

2 | Liverpool | P38 | 97

3 | Tottenham | P38 | 79

4 | Manchester United | P38 | 73

5/6 | Chelsea | P38 | 71

5/6 | Arsenal | P38 | 71

So Man United are relying on Arsenal to lose against Wolves on Wednesday and to also drop points against Leicester and Burnley.

The Red Devils must also beat Chelsea at Old Trafford on April 28, and hope that Maurizio Sarri’s side fail to beat Leicester on the final day of the season.

They’re not asking for much…