Man City coach uploads shocking footage from inside their bus – and it’s frightening

Even before Liverpool’s Champions League clash with Manchester City had kicked off, there was a major flashpoint.

The Liverpool fans had promised a hostile welcome for the away team bus but they took that hostility a bit too far.

When arriving at Anfield, objects were thrown at the Man City bus, smashing the windows and doors.

It overstepped the mark and left Man City needing a replacement bus to leave the ground after the game.

Jurgen Klopp apologised, Liverpool released an official statement and Pep Guardiola compared the scenes to what Borussia Dortmund experienced last season when a bomb damaged their team bus.

“Normally when the police know it is going to happen, they tried to avoid it from happening,” Guardiola said. “One year ago something happened in Dortmund.

“We come here to play football and I don’t understand this kind of situation.

“The bus is destroyed but I did not expect a prestigious club like Liverpool doing this kind of thing. It is not Liverpool, it is the people, maybe one, two or three, but hopefully it does not happen again.”

Man City will deny the ‘welcome’ they received had any impact of their performance as they were torn apart by Klopp’s Liverpool, finding themselves 3-0 down within half an hour.

However, you wouldn’t blame the players if they were a bit affected. After all, they’re only human.

And after Man City coach Manuel Estiarte uploaded footage of what it was really like inside the bus, you can see why Guardiola was so annoyed.