Lucas Leiva’s son wildly celebrates Reds’ CL final victory (VIDEO)

Winning the Champions League final a week ago today was absolutely incredible and we’re sure every Red was celebrating and creating amazing atmospheres all over the world.

One of the other great things about last Saturday is that it’s instigated a vast stream of videos and photos, which Reds have been sharing like wildfire as soon as they emerge.

Here’s one such video: former Red, Lucas Leiva, clearly still has a soft spot for us and apparently so too does his son, in footage the Brazilian posted on his Instagram.

After we won on Saturday, it seemed too much for his boy who screamed his head off and ran down the hallway in delight singing “Campeones”! Yes, lad!

It seems like once you’ve played for the Reds, you always stay a fan and we love that Lucas has passed that down to his kids.

Having finished his 10-year association with the club back in 2017, and since he played under Klopp towards the end of that, Lucas must have been over the moon we won No. 6 too!

Watch the video here: