Liverpool’s ‘Out of Context’ Twitter account is also full of gold

As football fans, it’s vitally important to possess a sense of humour.

“If I don’t laugh I’ll cry,” is a saying that all of us have probably said at one time or another while supporting our clubs.

Liverpool fans are no exception. Even though their team are currently flying under Jurgen Klopp, the years before the German’s arrival were, at times, pretty bleak.

But regardless of whether their team have been playing well or not, there have been plenty of humorous moments along the way.

And a superb Twitter account has collated some of the funniest moments of recent years.

You may have seen the Manchester United ‘Out of Context’ Twitter account that we wrote about in a separate article earlier this weekend.

Well, there’s also an ‘Out of Context Liverpool’ account and, like the United one, this is also full of gold.

Here are some of our favourite tweets…

Kolo Toure questioning his very existence after giving the ball away against West Brom.