Liverpool’s current XI on FIFA 14 shows just how far their players have com

Alisson Becker, Virgil van Dijk, Andy Robertson, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane are among the best footballers on the planet in their respective positions.

However, all of their reputations have been enhanced by joining the Reds. Opting for a move to Anfield has paid off handsomely for every member of the squad.

They are all proud owners of Champions League winners’ medals after last season’s victory over Tottenham in Madrid.

And they were incredibly unlucky to miss out on Premier League winners’ medals after finishing one point behind Manchester City.

This is probably the best squad that Liverpool have had during the Premier League era.

But how highly-rated were their players back in 2013?

Well, one FIFA fan has assembled Liverpool’s current squad on FIFA 14 to find out.

You’ll notice that a couple of players are missing. Trent Alexander-Arnold, for example, because he obviously didn’t feature on FIFA 14.

The right-back has been replaced in Liverpool’s starting XI by Fabinho.

The highest-rated player is James Milner (81), followed by Roberto Firmino and Georginio Wijnaldum (both 78).

Salah, who was still with FC Basel at the time, is only rated 74. Robertson, who was plying his trade with Dundee United, had a criminally low rating of 61. Mane isn’t much better with a rating of 69.

A thread on Reddit also reveals the potential ratings of the current group of Liverpool players.

Salah has the highest rating (87), followed by Firmino (85).

Alisson has the lowest potential rating (74), while the potential ratings of Mane (77) and Van Dijk (78) aren’t much better.

Alisson: 74
Fabinho: 80
Matip: 81
Van Dijk: 78
Robertson: 81
Henderson: 83
Milner: 81
Wijnaldum: 83
Salah: 87
Firmino: 85
Mane: 77