Liverpool transfer is ‘deluxe’ fallback option, talks already initiated, priced at €90m

PSG would really like to sign Kylian Mbappe this summer, perhaps more than any other club linked with the AS Monaco player.

It would help them on several levels.

Firstly, they’d be signing a player who looks to be the French star of his generation. Secondly, PSG would be showing transfer power on a world stage, and with the club seemingly paranoid about their perceived status it would be an ego boost. Thirdly, it would boost the desire of the club’s best players to stay, including Marco Verratti, and, lastly, it would show Monaco who the boss really is.

But, alas, signing Mbappe is going to be incredibly difficult, so there’s a fallback option, report L’Equipe. It’s a ‘deluxe’ fallback option: Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho.

Patrick Swayze’s immortal words ‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner’ spring to mind: Why would Coutinho be attracted as a clear second choice?

It was understandable why the Liverpool player would want to join Barcelona, but he doesn’t seem to be strongly pushing for that, and PSG is a whole different thing. The Brazilian would be taking a drop down in league level, and be making a future move to the Camp Nou perhaps even more difficult… just ask Verratti.

L’Equipe believe Coutinho is determined to play Champions League football, and they point out Liverpool have only qualified for the qualification round. It’s not the strongest argument.

Then the French newspaper get to price and believe Liverpool won’t sell Coutinho for less than €90m, which sounds a little too reasonable in today’s market.

It’s claimed there’s already been contact with the player’s entourage, which doesn’t mean a great deal given it feels the same people have been speaking to Barcelona repeatedly for several years, and would probably speak to any interested club.

And here’s the killer. L’Equipe say PSG are also looking at Ousmane Dembele, and then add: The difference between Coutinho and Dembele? Liverpool would facilitate a sale more easily than Dortmund.’

Alright, Ok.