Liverpool supporter and Tottenham fan will show Champions League final at their wedding

We’ve all been in a position where we’ve received an invite to an event that clashes with a big football match.

However, some events are easier to get out of than others.

Weddings are always the most difficult and awkward events to avoid. If you’ve been invited then it goes without saying that you mean a lot to the couple involved.

There will be many Liverpool and Tottenham fans faced with a moral dilemma this Saturday.

Do they attend the wedding, or do they give it a swerve in order to watch the Champions League final?

Anyone getting married on Saturday can expect many of their guests to be preoccupied when they’re having their first dance.

However, one couple tying the knot on Saturday are planning to show the final at their wedding – because they are fans of the two teams involved.

Liverpool supporter Abby Norman and Tottenham fan James Alexander are embracing the clash and will show the big game so that nobody misses it.

“We joked and laughed that it could happen, but didn’t think it really would. After Tottenham’s game on Wednesday, our phones were going nuts,” Abby said on This Morning.

“James was actually in London at the time and we couldn’t believe it had happened – and for a massive game as well.”

Asked whether they considered cancelling the wedding, James replied: “No, we never thought of cancelling, we just knew we had to show the game.”

The soon-to-be-newlyweds plan to have guests sit on either a Liverpool or Tottenham side during the ceremony.

And if the guests don’t support either team?

“They need to be savvy and pick who to support then and who they think will win – which will obviously be Liverpool,” Abby responded.

“There will also be a sweepstake for the teams, the bar will be changed into a sports bar and the table plan is now by teams.”

Fair play, Abby and James.

All the best for your first night as a married couple – and for the future!