Liverpool plotting £131m sensational bid for 21-year-old UCL winner

We’re not exactly sure how they get away with it, in truth…

But we suppose print publications were similarly making up rubbish about football in years gone by; they were just held less accountable without the internet.

A story going round today has been leapt upon by the English press (because it generates clicks, not because they believe it), that claims Liverpool bid £131m for Marco Asensio in January.

It originates with Don Balon, although the Express have refurbished.

I guess in many ways, we’re doing the same at Empire of the Kop – although with utter transparency and some genuine analysis (we hope)…

The story, in short, claims that we had the monster bid rejected in January, with Chelsea interested about purchasing the young Spain international in the summer as well. The article reckons Asensio would prefer London and a Real Madrid exit having been underused by Zinedine Zidane this term.

But none of this has actually happened. Liverpool have not made a bid worth £131m. It was never rejected. Asensio has told nobody whether he’d prefer Merseyside or London, Klopp or Conte (or Luis Enrique)…

Would EOTK take the 22-year-old at Anfield? With open arms! He’s exceptional, has a an enormous ceiling for improvement and would replace Coutinho’s guile and central creativity immediately.

But we’d quite like Lionel Messi on a loan spell and would probably take David de Gea in goal if our rivals fancied giving him away.

Ironically, Don Balon will now probably take the last sentence (which was a joke, we assure you) and spin their own exclusive from it.

Just you wait.