Liverpool official droped epic tweet after fan warned him not to sign Jack Wilshere

The transfer rumours are beginning to circulate after Jack Wilshere announced he was leaving Arsenal.

Although Unai Emery doesn’t see him as part of his plans, Wilshere has plenty to offer in the Premier League still or potentially even abroad.

Southampton, West Ham, Newcastle and Juventus are just some of the clubs being linked with a move for Wilshere.

With the 26-year-old running out his contract – which expires on July 1 – there will be little standing in the way for clubs when they come to negotiate a deal.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Wilshere receive a number of offers in coming weeks, just like he did when he searching for a loan move in the summer of 2016.

However, although there are European clubs being linked, it’s difficult to see Wilshere turning his back on the Premier League just yet unless there’s a lucrative offer on the table.

And although links have quietened in recent weeks, one of the clubs that have been linked with a move for the Englishman in the past is Liverpool.

It may seem a bizarre idea to Kopites now, but odds on that very move dropped to a new low over the January transfer window and the Mirror reported that the Reds were monitoring his situation in March.

Of course, Liverpool have already signed Fabinho and Naby Keita so a deal looks unlikely now.

That hasn’t stopped supporters from tweeting about the possibility on Tuesday night, though, and some fan’s tweet even caught the attention of a Liverpool official.

User @DonPaulioni87 tweeted: ‘Don’t even f***ing think about it,’ after he saw the Wilshere news and tagged numerous Liverpool figureheads.

And astonishingly Tony Barrett – the club’s Head of Club and Supporter Liaison – actually replied.

It was no ordinary tweet either, check out his epic response below:

He may be high up in the Liverpool hierarchy but he still has a sense of humour, cracking stuff.

Barrett doesn’t have the authority to sanction transfers so was keen to bat away the comment whether Liverpool are actually interested in a deal or not.

Although Jurgen Klopp may have been monitoring the situation and has now witnessed the outcome, there is no indication that Liverpool intend to follow up on their casual interest.
Wilshere can play in attacking midfield, but Liverpool’s midfield targets seem to lie with a straight Philippe Coutinho replacement such as Nabil Fekir.

The clubs now being associated with a move for Wilshere seem to lie a litter lower in the table than Liverpool, although Everton are also being tipped.

In other words, don’t panic @DonPaulioni87.