Liverpool legend explains the one characteristic that makes people love Klopp

Why do so many people – even fans of rival teams – love Jurgen Klopp?

According to John Aldridge writing in the Echo, it is because of one main personality trait – his honesty.

Honesty is not something we see too often in these worlds. Politicians lie in speeches, footballers lie in interviews, celebrities lie in glossy magazines – it’s almost an accepted part of life.

That’s why it is so refreshing when someone like Klopp comes along. He is honest about what he sees, he doesn’t dress things up to seem better, and he tells people exactly what he thinks.

“Even fans of other clubs like him. It’s quite amazing, really,” said Aldo.

“And the reason for that is the same reason I like him so much. His honesty.

“That’s what people like. What you see with Klopp is what you get.

“He doesn’t hide behind things, he doesn’t try to pull the wool over people’s eyes. Klopp simply says it as it should be at the end of matches.”

Of course — it could also be the fact he is so passionate on the side of the pitch. He lets people know how much it means. He’s often more entertaining than the game itself!!

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