Liverpool Have Already Signed the ‘Next Gerrard’ According to Two-time UCL winner

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is now the main man at Anfield after the departure of Steven Gerrard at the end of the 2014/15 season, according to Ryan Giggs.

The former Manchester United midfielder feels Liverpool perhaps became overly-reliant on Gerrard after so many years of great service from their former captain, and compared their situation to when Roy Keane left United.

Giggs insists that legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson was always bigger than any of the players at Old Trafford, and that Klopp’s charisma now means he could hold a similarly strong role at Liverpool.


‘Watching Liverpool it is notable that since Steven Gerrard left there is no big star in the side,’ the Welshman wrote in his column for the Daily Telegraph. ‘Philippe Coutinho is a talent and Jordan Henderson has done well to step into the captaincy. He looks like a good lad and a dedicated professional.

‘Gerrard’s departure has forced others to fill the gap and sometimes that can be a good thing for a club to move away from a focus on one individual.

‘In many respects it was the same at United when Roy Keane left in 2005. For years he had been like two players for us and when he left others had to step up to fill the void.

‘What seems different to United is that looking from the outside, Gerrard was always the dominant figure at the club regardless of who the manger might have been. Now that he has left it feels like Klopp is that man.


‘I am not denigrating Gerrard’s role at the club – he was a great player. Clearly at United no-one was ever bigger than Sir Alex but different clubs work in different ways. What I can say is that it is a changed dynamic now at Liverpool.’

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