Liverpool fans heartbroken after hearing Karius could be number one next season

Liverpool linked with shelving interest in Alisson and keeping Loris Karius as first choice.

Liverpool’s goalkeeping situation has changed since January and so reportedly have their summer transfer plans.

The Liverpool Echo report the Reds are cooling their interest in Roma goalkeeper Alisson, previously reported to be their top target.

This is down to Roma wanting a huge transfer fee after selling Mohamed Salah too cheap last summer, and Loris Karius’ recent good form for Liverpool.

While acknowledging that Roma’s asking price is too high, putting faith in Karius is still seen as a risky move.

The German is enjoying his best spell at Liverpool since joining the club in 2016, but it has taken him 18 months to get to this point.

How long will it last? How will he react when he does make a mistake? And is he really good enough to lead Liverpool to a league title?

Those three key questions hover and while Alisson may well be a no go, Liverpool ought to have a strong plan B, with fans worried they are getting suckered in by a brief run of good form by the German.

Karius keeping up his strong performance between now and the end of the season will help his case, but fans fear at present that the club could make a big mistake by not paying Alisson’s asking price.