Liverpool fans will love James Milner’s reply to Robbie Fowler question on LFC TV

What a signing James Milner has been for Liverpool.

The evergreen midfielder arrived at Anfield during the Brendan Rodgers era on a free transfer.

Since then, Milner has gone on to show just why that is arguably the best bit of business the Northern Irishman ever conducted during his time on Merseyside.

While Milner is certainly not an eye-catching, thrill-seeking midfielder, he is one of the most effective and hard working in the league.

Time and time again the Englishman has proved that he truly is a team man, and despite all the doubters and his advancing age, he continues to earn a place in the Reds starting line-up.

There is good reason too.

As hard as it is to believe, Milner is the current assist king of the Premier League and in Europe as well.

The 32-year-old broke the record for the most assists in a single Champions League season (9) in 2017/18, and is eighth on the list of all time assists in the Premier League with 79.

He has an incredible engine, consistently running further than any of his teammates and has proven himself to be one of, if not the fittest player in England at the moment.

There is no doubting just how important Milner is to Liverpool, both on the field and off, with his professionalism standing as a shining example to young players coming through.

Add to all of that his incredible sense of humour, and you begin to realise that Milner is just a pretty great guy in general.

He showed his wit once again on LFC TV talk show ‘LFC Later’ after being asked an interesting question by club legend Robbie Fowler.

See his response below.


“Leeds, Man City, Liverpool, be honest pal – are you just copying me?” queried Fowler.

“Yeah, maybe. There are worse people to copy to be fair” responded Milner initially.

“But nah, I think it was just to annoy Man United really.”

A lesson in how to get Liverpool fans to love you courtesy of Milly there.

Milner’s career certainly took the scenic route on its way to Liverpool but it apparently wasn’t in a bid to copy Fowler.

Annoying Manchester United is a favourite past-time of any Scouser and if you didn’t know any better, you’d think Milner grew up on the Kop.

Can he help the Reds finally end their painful Premier League drought?